What Doctor To See For Constipation

By | January 10, 2015

History and needs better than an ER doctor. Most of the time, you don’t need to visit the emergency room for constipation. The ER is for life threatening illnesses or accidents. If you see any signs of constipation, call your child’s PCP first.

If you're worried about your child's constipation, see your doctor .The prob lem can get w orse if y ou wait. Treatments can help , but it can tak e awhile for them to work. If you have a medical problem please see your doctor.

Medicine is making you constipated, see your doctor. Don’t stop taking any medicine without talking to your doctor first. • Don’t ignore constipation. Talk to your doctor if you have problems with constipation on a regular basis (for more than three weeks).

Doctor? See your doctor or other healthcare professional if: F Your bowel habits change F There is blood in your stool constipation; foods that cause constipation; natural remedies for constipation; causes of constipation; irritable bowel syndrome;

One step at a time Tip sheet: Constipation Constipation is a common childhood problem. The condition can refer to any of the following: • less than three poos per week

Talking with your doctor about rectocele repair surgery? different from what you see here.) Vaginal discharge After a rectocele repair, • CALL YOUR DOCTOR if you can’t relieve constipation with the measures listed above. Urination

Feeds. it may take time for your body to adjust to the formula, feeding schedule and/or constipation. causes and PRevenTion: These symptoms can be caused by several things. Check with your doctor to see if these symptoms could be side effects of a

Cause constipation (see box). If your symptoms began (or got worse) after tests for constipation, but if your doctor is worried they may organise one or more of the following: • blood tests. • flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy,

What is constipation? Constipation is when your child has a hard, dry bowel motion (faeces or poo) that is difficult to pass. days, see your local doctor. • Suppositories, such as glycerine, are a type of special coated tablet that is placed in the rectum (bottom)

When do you need to see a doctor? How do I know if I am constipated? Should I take laxatives? In association with: When do you need to see a doctor? Constipation is bothersome, but it’s not usually serious. If the simple measures described later do not help, and your

Constipation in Adults corecharity.org.uk Information about Constipation in Adults What does constipation mean? What are the commonest causes? When should I see a doctor?

Women, because hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the mus- when to see a doctor is important. Pregnancy – Constipation is a common problem for women during and after pregnancy. About half get it. Natural

At home, and when you should see a doctor about it. What are the symptoms? You may be constipated if you: • Don’t have a bowel movement in 3 days • Feel bloated When should I call my doctor? While constipation can often be treated by the

Constipation? Nearly everyone becomes constipated at one time or another. Older people A doctor can test to see if the problem is medical. Medical problems can often be treated. Another condition, called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),

constipation, your doctor may need to order some tests. The following tests are include psyllium and methylcellulose (see below). The dose of fiber supplements (particularly psyllium) should be increased slowly to prevent gas and cramping, and

constipation see a doctor? A child should see a doctor if symptoms of constipation last for more than 2 weeks. A child should see a doctor sooner if the con

One step at a time Tip sheet: Constipation Constipation is a common childhood problem. The condition can refer to any of the following: • less than three poos per week

Laxative depends on the age of your child and how serious the constipation is. Ask your family doctor to suggest a brand name and tell you how much to use. take him or her to see your family doctor. Constipation can sometimes be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Wilmington Parent November 2006 33 The Doctor Is In Constipation: The Scoop on Poop BY DR.DAVID HILL W hat is constipation? You’d think the answer would be obvious: it’s