How Dangerous Is Constipation

By | February 2, 2015

Constipation National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse What is constipation? Constipation is a condition in which a person has fewer than three bowel movements a

Constipation in Children National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse What is constipation in children? Constipation in children is a condition in

Drugs to Treat Constipation • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs• 3 This report compares the effectiveness, safety, and cost of medicines used

Is constipation dangerous? Constipation that lasts a long time can lead to impaction—hard, dry feces trapped in the rectum that must be removed by a doctor. Severe constipation may indicate bowel obstruction (blockage), a serious condition caused

Acquisition of toilet training must wait until functional constipation resolves. No child trains when he or she is afraid to defecate. Functional constipation is not dangerous, and it

Letting constipation go untreated can be dangerous. Medication side effects should always be discussed with your health care provider. There are multiple Anyone who enters a pharmacy will note the large amount of over the counter (OTC) medications.

To Poop or Not to Poop, That Should Never be the not only smelly but also dangerous and you must pay attention to think about it. Constipation is much easier for people with an intellectual disability to encounter because some naturally have lifestyles that do not promote normal

Causes of Constipation In most cases, constipation is a symptom, not a disease. Like a fever, constipation can be caused by many different conditions.

Diarrhea is more dangerous than constipation since an excess of minerals and water leave the body II) – Tightness/stabbing pain in the lower abdomen – Treatment is DANGEROUS in chronic or severe cases of diarrhea,

Some, bloating can be toxic; what seems like a harmless nuisance is a classic symptom of some of the most dangerous diseases that strike women. How do you know if what you’re • Constipation • Blood in your stool 2.

Recommended dose of DULCOLAX DULCOLAX should be taken as needed to relieve constipation. DULCOLAX Tablets Adults and children over 10 years: one or two DULCOLAX tablets at night

Dangerous in summer and fall. constipation or diarrhea, death 24. Typical fern with large fronds that grow up to 5’ Usually grow in colonies. Leaves Weeds of the Northeast Cornell University Press 41. 42. Title:

Functional fecal retention is the most common cause of constipation and soiling in children. dangerous (e.g., it never causes cancer, the colon never bursts) no matter how long between bowel

Celiac Disease – Hidden & Dangerous CANADIAN CELIAC ASSOCIATION MEDICAL FACTS What is Celiac Disease? Celiac disease is a genetically-based autoimmune disorder in which specific peptides from wheat, rye and barley

Side Effects and Risks of Opioid Use for Chronic Pain Patient Education Constipation Constipation means infrequent, hard bowel movements. It is one of the most common side effects of opioid use. not dangerous, but it is very uncomfortable. It causes

Using laxatives when you do not have constipation, with the intention of trying to lose weight can cause medical complications. These depend on several factors, including the type of

Acquisition of toilet training must wait until functional constipation resolves. No child trains when he or she is afraid to defecate. Functional constipation is not dangerous, and it

The facts will tell you, prescription drugs can have dangerous short- and long-term health consequences when used incorrectly or by someone other than for whom they were intended. pain, but it also causes constipation and drowsiness. Stimulants such as

Everyone gets pain in the belly, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea at one time or another. Most belly problems make you feel bad but are not dangerous. If pain or nausea is not severe, wait a few days and see if it gets better.

NARCOTIC PAIN MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET Constipation • • • • Increase activity Increase fluid intake It may interact with your pain medication and cause dangerous levels of sedation.