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Using home remedies for dissolving kidney stones are also very affective in comparison to surgery. In fact, it is a preferable way by many people.

Home Remedies Cooling Blends Recipe 1.) 1 teaspoon crushed dried rose hips 1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves 1 teaspoon dried sage leaves 1 cup water, barely boiled

Popular Cultural Practices & Beliefs: Home Remedies & Rituals By Milagros Batista, MSW Co-founder, Alianza Dominicana, Inc. Community Liaison, Dyson Initiative

Home-Made Remedies and Treatments Home > Free Information > Home Remedies A lot of folks are big believers in trying to be as "organic" as possible when controlling ailments

It’s not enough to know if your state is a flu hot zone. Now you can find out if the street you live on is teeming with flu cases

remedies according to age of the respondents nor between urban or rural setting. Discussion Home remedy use In this survey, about 42% of the respondents indicated

Good Practice Guidance P: The Use of Homely Remedies in Care Homes (with and without nursing) A homely or household remedies to be available in home with a list of indications for which they can be used the agreed dose and maximum period of use

2 All parents treat their children at home for one reason or another. Whether their children are sick with colds, coughs and stomach complaints, are experiencing pain

H omeowners have a multitude of options for pest control. This guide suggests ways to control garden pests using safe and ordinary household chemicals.

Home Remedies Outline 1. Ask students if they have ever had hiccups that were difficult to get rid of. (Most should be able to remember a time when this happened to them).

Traditional home remedies of Guyana have indeed earned its place in history; the qualities of some of our natural remedies are only now being understood and may change the course of many medications and treatments of the future. Author: Dmitri Allicock

Home Remedies and Household Hints Self possession Is evidence of a clear brain. REOIPB FOB A HAPPY DAY. Take a little dash of cold water, A little leaven of prayer,

Home Remedies or Professional Care: A Choice Based on Convenience and Cost INTRODUCTION obtain these “home remedies.” (Some will be from home; others from the drug store.) 2. a sore throat,

Natural Home Remedies for Sore ThroatFollowing are some of the effective home remedies for sore throat1. Add lemon juice and some honey, to a glass of hot water. It is also an effective home remedy for sore throat.Herbal Remedies for Sore Throat1.

SORE THROAT INTRODUCTION Sore throats are usually mild and can be treated at home with over-the-counter (OTC) remedies available from the pharmacy. They usually get better on their own, in 3-7 days. Common sore throat remedies include:

(drink it warm when you have a sore throat) TRADITIONAL REMEDIES Honey and lemon are the traditional soothers for sore throats, and nothing can beat a home made drink of warm lemon and honey.

It’s not enough to know if your state is a flu hot zone. Now you can find out if the street you live on is teeming with flu cases

Startups are harnessing the trillions of bacteria inside us to eradicate diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and more. Advertisement Read Full Story

Game day nutrition tips from the experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Rita and Ronald Fuller are still trying to cope with what happened to their daughter Lynn Fuller. The 44 year old is in a medically-induced coma in California. The Fullers are staying in Virginia until doctors say their daughter is well-enough to see them. Police said the former Pulaski County woman is fighting for her life after her live-in boyfriend doused her with an accelerant and set her on