Constipation Remedies In Urdu

By | February 16, 2015

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Inflammation, whether a part or the whole of the intestine be involved. CONSTIPATION. Synonyms.—Costiveness ; Obstipation. remedies meet the diseased condition, and the treatment is very simple. For example,

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Sultani booti (Urdu), Yarrow (English) Family: Asteraceae/ Compositae Parts used: Whole plant Recipe: The pant is boiled and hot anorexia and constipation. Voucher No: GMS/ KI/S-115 has tested the effectiveness of some common herbal remedies in Highland. The most effective

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Plants of Ethno-Veterinary Uses of Tunglai Mountain Baffa Mansehra, Pakistan 1Mazhar ul Islam, Whole plant To control constipation and urinary problems in cattle. As a fodder & fever being used as household remedies for various diseases

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constipation due to accumulation of heat [7], the gel Aloe (urdu name ghigwar, local name kawar gandal), is genus of shrubby, scattered, succulent plant of the Lily family (Liliaceae). COMMERCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF ALOE

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A review on gastric ulcer remedies used in Unani System of Medicine Constipation can be treated with drugs like Amaltas (Cassia fistula). 10. Arzani A, Tibb-e-Akbar (Urdu), Munshi Nawal Kishore & Sons, Lucknow, Vol. 1, 309-310. 4.

The remedies offered in this book or their Urdu 0800 169 0 881 Punjabi 0800 169 0 882 Constipation is often caused by lack of dietary fibre or not drinking enough fluids. Sometimes it can also be caused by medicines you are taking

Ing used as household remedies for different ailments (Qureshi & Ghufran 2005). Some of in Urdu (national language of Pakistan) that was under- constipation. Seeds and leaves are also used. Polygonaceae Polygonum hydropiper L. (123485;