Constipation Infant Formula

By | December 27, 2014

Constipation From birth – 12 months Many parents become concerned if their infant does not have a daily bowel movement. Normal bowel habits: • Vary among infants.

Constipation in Infants (<1 year) •Add sorbitol-containing juice to formula (apple, prune, pear) •Use barley cereal instead of rice cereal •If child is on solid foods, feed child fruits and vegetables before giving formula or

Baby Behaviors for Formula-fed infants: What is Nor mal & When to Refer? 1/28/2014 Page 1 What’s the issue? • Common infant problems: constipation (Texas WIC) Refer to the health care provider if infant is showing signs of: -prolonged constipation

Constipation in Babies Bowel movements are different for every baby Families often worry about the texture, colour, or number of bowel movements their baby has.

Constipation in infants and young children Constipation – what is it? There is no absolute answer – because all infants, children, and adults are

Constipation. Constipation. Infants presenting with symptoms of constipation may benefit from a formula such as Aptamil Comfort which is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of constipation.

Alabama WIC Infant Formula Prescription Fussiness, Constipation or Formula Intolerance Formula Prescribed _____ Must Indicate Amount Per Day Maximum ounces allowed by WIC for Fully Formula Fed Infant 0-3 mos – 26 fluid oz/day 4-5 mos – 29 fluid oz/day 6-12 mos

Constipation in Babies What is Constipation? Constipation is bowel movements (also called stools or poop) that are: -changing from breast milk to infant formula or cow milk -changing brands of infant formula -starting pureed or table foods.

Formula Formula can be confusing and expensive. I would like to talk with you a minute − See your pediatrician if your baby is having persistent constipation. Infant Formula Feeding Schedule AGE # of Feedings per day Volume per feed Birth – 1 week 6-10 1-3 oz 1 week

0 to 3 months: formula-fed 5 to 28 2.0 6 to 12 months 5 to 28 1.8 1 to 3 years 4 to 21 1.4 > 3 years 3 to 14 1.0 Diagnosis of functional constipation Infant exclusively breastfed Dietary changes and family education May be normal Dietary changes effective?

Formula and food cannot be issued until all appropriate sections are completed. spitting up, colic, constipation, fussiness, or gas. C. Formula: WIC Provides Approximately: 28 oz/day: age birth-3mo 30 oz/day: All WIC infant foods will be issued if nothing is marked.

For some formula-fed babies, the answer is switching formulas. The iron in formula is often blamed for constipation, but there is no evidence that

Possible causes of constipation in infants Formula feed not made up correctly (too concentrated with not enough water) Weaning – Introduction of solid food but without enough drinks in

Outline Introduction Nutritional causes and management of: Constipation in Infants Infant botulism Infant Formula, preparation & types

Announcement 2/24/14 Enfamil Reguline – introduced Contact: Karen Henry Mead Johnson is launching a new formula in April called Reguline. It has partially

Infant Formula Composition • Provides 20 kcal/oz caloric density, generally – 41‐47% calories Carbohydrate • May help relieve gassiness, fussiness, and constipation Routine Formulas‐Soy Protein • Protein source is soy isolates

Constipation in infants and young children Constipation – what is it? There is no absolute answer – because all infants, children, and adults are

PREVALENCE, SYMPTOMS AND OUTCOME OF CONSTIPATION IN INFANTS AND TODDLERS none had constipation as infant. Only 132 of the 172 children (77%) met the lactulose in formula normalized stool passage and consistency