Constipated Cat

By | November 8, 2014

Aggressive, miserable, constipated cat. He was being treated with Cisapride 10mg BID, Lactulose 10mg/dl – 2ml BID, Miralax ¼ tsp. Bid and M/D diet. Twice daily warm soapy enemas were given for the next 3 days with an increase of Cisapride to 10mg TID.

Constipation If your cat is constipated, hard faeces are passed or the cat may strain excessively while trying to toilet. Some cats with constipation pass small quantities of watery faeces due to

HOWARD COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL AND ADOPTION CENTER Caring for your Adopted Cat HOWARD COUNTY Animal Control & ADOPTION CENTER 8576 Davis Road Columbia, MD 21045 410-313-2780 HCPD.ORG. constipated • The cat cannot make it to the litter

Feeding the constipated cat Constipation is, first and foremost, treated by rehydrating cells. As long as cellular dehydration is present, the need will exist to resorb water from renal and gastrointestinal systems.

Radiograph of a cat with megacolon. Constipation. An occasional episode of constipation is not usually cause for alarm. Stools seem harder than usual and there may be some unproductive straining.

These do not correct the underlying cause, but they do allow fecal material to pass so the cat does not become constipated and ill. The medical approach may be successful for several months or years, but will generally fail at some time.

Is constipated… A cat can get constipated from normal things like being itchy (fleas, allergies) and grooming excessively, consuming lots of fur, causing a minor case of constipation that is easily treated with stool softeners, hairball laxative, or fluids.

constipated and if it is a problem for them (Talley 2004). Although patients’ per-ceptions of constipation are highly subjective, this discussion can help clinicians develop a treatment plan for preventing or managing this expected side effect of

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cat’s return should she become lost or accidentally get out of the house. Play • If your male cat looks “constipated,” he may have a urethral obstruction and can’t urinate. Blockage, which is rare in females, can be fatal if not

constipated cats will have intermittent diarrhea as the colon is irritated due to hard dry fecal matter. Other clinical signs are non-specific, such as vomiting, inappetence and lethargy. Most cat litter boxes are too small and have high sides.

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Radiograph of a cat with megacolon. Constipation. An occasional episode of constipation is not usually cause for alarm. Stools seem harder than usual and there may be some unproductive straining.

Cat Care Series Raising New-Born Kittens MAKING THE NEST BOX The "nesting box" needs to be a safe, clean, warm, Constipated or straining kittens? Increase the strength of the formula, and feed slightly smaller amounts, but more frequently.