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cause constipation. Irritable bowel syndrome may also cause constipation. Visit for more infor- healthy living Constipation in Adults and Children HEALTH EDUCATION Lack of fiber and inade-quate water in the diet are common causes of constipation.

Standardized what constitutes constipation for adults. In order to have a diagnosis of constipation an individ- Several medications are known to cause constipation. Prescription drugs that cause constipation include opiates,

Constipation may cause hard stool to pack the intestine and This condition, called fecal impaction, occurs most often in children and older adults. An impaction can be softened with mineral oil taken by mouth and by an enema. After softening the impac –

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Facts about constipation in adults IDIOPATHIC (no known cause ) Slow Transit Constipation Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Normal Colonic Transit Constipation SECONDARY (caused by underlying problem/drugs) Primary Diseases of the Colon / Rectum

Some medications can cause constipation. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if this may the case for you. adults to have constipation. This is usually due to the common causes listed above. Occasionally, constipation is a symptom of a more serious

Management of Constipation in Adults Adults should aim to consume 18–30 g fibre per day. Although effects of a high fibre diet may be seen in a few days, it may take up to 4 weeks. o People with a medical cause of constipation.

Constipation National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse typically is the cause. Most constipation is temporary and not serious. Understanding its causes, Those reporting constipation most often are women and adults ages 65 and older.

Young children, unlike adults and adolescents, rarely become constipated because of poor diet. Constipation and Urology Because poor diet didn╩╝t cause the constipation, usually changes in the diet do not cure the problem. This is different in adults

Disorder, can cause constipation. Common causes for children Toilet training may contribute to con – stipation in young children. healthy living Constipation in Adults and Children HealtH education Lack of fiber and inadequate water in the diet are common causes of constipation.

Constipation A Smooth Approach IM Team (caution with renal failure) Mag Citrate (Short Term Use) 120-300mL x 1 or 2 Fleets Phospho-soda Non-Saline Can cause cramping, nausea, fluid loss and L. casei rhamnosus Lcr35, but not L. rhamnosus GG, Adults: Bifidobacterium lactis DN-173 010

Medication, pain, constipation, and MI disease Usually reversible Progressive process treatment for the cause of the confusion. Confusion in Older Adults: Determining the Difference

Can also cause constipation. Factors which help combat constipa – tion are: • Fiber • Fluids • Physical activity Fiber Nutrition for Older Adults: Constipation and Nutrition Check with your doctor before in-creasing fiber. Fiber intake may be limited if you have chewing, swallowing

Constipation in Adults in Primary Care. The British National formulary defines constipation as • Educate patients as to which drugs can cause/worsen constipation

American Family Physician Constipation in Adults An evacuation proctogram demonstrated bulging of the anterior rectal wall that par- tially occluded the anal canal during defe-

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